About Me
I was born in Southern California and have lived in the Bay Area for
most of my life. I love the people and diversity here and thrive best
in this environment. Living close to my family is also especially
important to me.

I live in San Francisco now, but I work all over. I majored in
Corporate Finance and Financial Services and began in banking for 5
years specializing in equity lending and managing high value clients. I
found an exciting opportunity in real estate in 2007 and have been
going at it ever since! I have an excellent team of contractors,
agents, vendors that enable a speedy turnaround while keeping costs
as low as possible.

My greatest strengths are flipping foreclosures and remodeling homes
with the goal of increasing resale value. This direction is constantly
fed by my education and creative instincts. I tend to revolve my finish
material preferences around more popular and timeless ideas vs.
trendy, taste specific ones.

I love what I do and am very passionate about seeing a shift in
thought and feeling when I complete a project. The visual
transformation gives me the greatest feeling of accomplishment.
Kenneth Gallardo II        kenneth@kg3.com        KG3 Ventures, LLC